Chocolate Honeycomb Bark

Making a meal or a treat doesn’t have to take a lifetime and can be so easy!



1 x 250gram block of Whittaker’s “Dark Ghana chocolate (broken into pieces and melted in the microwave 30 seconds at a time. Stirring at each interval)

1 cup of something you love for the topping….dried fruit, nuts, candy etc ( I usually use nuts I have crushed but this time I had some left over honeycomb that I had made recently that I just threw into the blender to crush) #Note that most honeycomb contains gelatine if you are avoiding animal products.



Lay a large piece of greaseproof paper onto a tray and place on your bench.

Pour the melted chocolate onto the paper and using the flat side of a spatula gently and quickly spread the chocolate into a thin rectangle. Not too thin or it will be too rich… but you don’t want it paper thin either.

Quickly sprinkle your cup of nuts etc evenly over the top and pop in the fridge to set,

Once set gently break into sections.

Great to serve with coffee at a dinner party 🙂


Servings: I haven’t measured this one.

Time: I don’t have a time on this one but it’s so easy and so quick.

Freezing: Not suitable.

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