I found this old recipe from about 15 years ago, just the other day. It was one I use to make at a hotel in the city when I was still a chef.  I haven’t made it since but didn’t recall it being such a logistical nightmare.

I use to love honeycomb though, especially choc dipped ….but alas all commercial honeycomb that I have found to date contains gelatine and I don’t really want to eat boiled skin from a pig or any other such “food products” in my treats. Needless to say I was excited to find this old recipe.

I am not going to lie to you though..it was a bitch to make and took me 3 attempts. It is such a simple recipe but the timing is paramount.

Satisfying if you can manage it though because then you can make cheesecakes, cupcakes, truffles or just coat it in chocolate.



3 1/2 cups of castor sugar (yep, this one’s not a health food)

1/2 cup glucose

1 tablespoon of bi carb soda

1 cup of water



Read **ALL** my tips at the end

Sift the bi carb into a small bowl.

Lay a number of overlapping sheets of baking paper on a clear bench space

Get a baking tray and half fill it with ice and cold water and sit it near the stove.

Place the sugar, glucose and the water in a large pot. You definitely need a large pot. Bring it  to the boil (don’t stir it at any point), and simmer till the toffee only JUST starts to colour.

Turn off the heat immediately. Add the bi carb and quickly stir it through the toffee. (It bubbles right up at this stage)

QUICKLY pop the pan into the tray of ice for a minute and the then quickly pour the mixture onto your baking paper. Wait for the honeycomb to set and then break it into portions.

Store in an air tight container in your pantry



Servings: I didn’t record how much this makes but it makes a decent quantity.

Time: I haven’t timed it yet either.

Freezing: Not suitable.

Notes: Definitely sift your bi carb or you will get lumps in your honeycomb.

This is absolutely not a recipe to make with children as the toffee reaches extremely high temperatures.

Don’t be tempted to push your toffee to colour or it will burn. I added my bi carb and turned off the heat as soon as I saw colour starting around the edges.

Do not be tempted at any point to touch or try the toffee until it has cooled completely.


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