Spicy Curry, Chickpea & Cauliflower Soup



1 small brown onion, peeled and finely diced

2 large cloves of garlic, peeled and roughly chopped

1 medium cauliflower, leaves off and cut into rough florets

3 cups of vegetable stock

1.5 teaspoons of small red chillies, seeds and all, roughly chopped

1 can of chickpeas, drained and rinsed

½ cup of rice milk. 

¾ teaspoon of salt

2.5 teaspoons of curry powder



Heat a little water in a medium pot, add the onion and cook on a medium heat until it the onion has soften and started to colour.

Add the garlic and cook for another minute or 2.

Add the curry powder and the chilli and cook on a gentle heat for another minute. You may need to, add a little more water so the curry powder does not burn.

Add the remaining ingredients, except for the rice milk. Cover the pot with a top and simmer gently until the cauliflower is tender.

Remove from the heat, add the rice milk and blend till smooth.


Servings: 4 large

Time: Approximately 20 minutes

Freeze: Suitable

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