Stickydate Pudding w/ a Golden Syrup Caramel

 YOU NEED (for the pudding)

3 teaspoons of egg replacer

6 tablespoons of water

200 grams of pitted dates and chopped into small pieces

185 grams of sugar

½ cup of tasteless coconut oil (you can use Nuttelex but I prefer not to)

1.5 cups of water

1 teaspoon of bi carb soda

1.5 cups of self raising flour


YOU NEED (for the sauce)

4 tablespoons of golden syrup

½ cup of sugar

2 tablespoons of tasteless organic coconut oil

½ a cup of Bonsoy organic soy milk

3 teaspoons of cornflour



Pre heat your oven to 175c and line a cake tin with baking paper and set aside.

Whisk the 3 teaspoons of egg replacer into the 6 tablespoons of water and set aside.

Put the dates, sugar, coconut oil and water into a medium pot and slowly bring to the boil, then turn off the heat.

Add the bi carb and gently stir the mixture. It will bubble up at this point. Add the egg replacer mixture into the pot and also stir to combine. Finally add the flour and pour the mixture into the cake tin.

Place the tin in the oven until the pudding is cooked. To check if it’s cooked, pierce it with a bamboo skewer. If it comes out clean the pudding is ready.

While the pudding is cooking place the golden syrup, ½ cup of sugar and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil into a small pan and gently heat until all the ingredients start to melt. Then simmer very gently until all the sugar is dissolved and a caramel starts to form.

Once the sugar is dissolved, add the Bonsoy to the caramel and whisk to combine.

Place the cornflour into a small container and add just enough water to make a paste. Add the cornflour paste to the caramel and whisk until all ingredients are well combined and simmer for another minute or 2. Turn the heat off and set aside till your pudding is ready.

Once the pudding is cooked, carefully remove it from the oven. Let it cool for about 15 minutes, then gently remove it from the cake tin. Serve it warm with caramel sauce and coconut ice-cream

If you are not serving it straight way just remove it from the cake tin and let it stand on a cake rack to cool.


Serves:  6 slices

Time: 20 minutes to prepare and 35-45 minutes to cook. Cooking time will differ depending on the cake tin size you use and the strength of your oven

Notes: I cook mine in a small, round, deep cake tin that measures 8cms (inside the lip) in diameter and 9cms in height.

Egg replacer is available in health food stores and most supermarkets in the health food section

I prefer not to try my best to avoid anything that contains palm oil, when I can find an alternative. Which is why I use coconut oil.I use the Bio Medical Tasteless Organic Coconut Oil so the coconut flavour doesn’t over power the pudding. It can be purchased online and at some health food stores.

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