Thai Red Curry w/ Lentils & Vegetables



1 X 400 gram can of lentils (I normally buy and cook dry lentils, but I wanted a fast dinner)

a couple of handfuls of green beans, top and tailed and washed

1 bunch of Asian broccoli, with the woody ends removed

1 bunch of fresh spinach, washed

1 large red onion, peeled and finely sliced

2 large carrots, not peeled and chopped into large chunks

4 large pieces of pumpkin with skin off and the seeds removed

handful of fresh basil leaves, washed

1x 400gram can of coconut milk

1x 270 gram can of coconut cream

4 tablespoons of red curry paste (I use “Asia Specialties Red Curry Paste which I get in Aldi)

a couple of fresh lemons to serve



Steam all your vegetables (except the spinach). I steam my carrots for 15 minutes or so until they are tender and then remove them and put aside. Then I steam my pumpkin until its tender and lastly my broccoli and beans for only a couple of minutes because I like them crunchy.

While your vegies are steaming, sauté the onion in a large pot with a little oil (or water) until softened. Add the curry paste and stir for a minute or 2 on a low to medium heat.

Add the coconut milk and cream and whisk. Add the lentils and the cooked vegetables and bring everything to the boil.

At the last second toss in your spinach and basil, stir to combine and serve with steamed rice.

Squeeze some fresh lime over the top when you serve it too.

If you are a tofu person, some cubes of firm tofu heated through the soup is a lovely addition to this too.


Servings: Serves 4.

Time: Takes 30-45 minutes.

Freezing: Not suitable

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