Fresh Mint Hot Chocolate

17th june 2012

Seriously you don’t need to buy hot chocolate mixes that are expensive, full of dairy and more highly processed sugars than you need. By using a small amount of fresh herbs or fruit skins, some pure cocoa and your favourite plant based milk you can achieve the most incredible and fragrant results.

So next time friends drop over instead of just boiling the kettle and grabbing a can from the pantry go old school and heat some milk on the stove loaded with fresh mint and pour your work into a beautiful tea cup or mug. There is way more soul in that my friends.



1 cup of plant based milk (I used Australian’s Own Organic rice milk because I wanted quite a sweet flavour which rice milk offers)

½ – ¾ cup of fresh mint, well washed so you don’t suffer gritty bits

½ tablespoon of pure maple syrup (or agave)

1 tablespoon of cocoa (I use Dutch cocoa which is super rich so I didn’t need any more than this)



Place all the ingredients into a small pot and very slowly and gently bring the milk to the boil. You want to allow the mint time to infuse into the milk.

Remove the mint. Whisk to ensure there are no cocoa lumps and that the maple syrup is mixed through well


I plonked a load more fresh mint into my cup when I served mine up today. 🙂


Serves: 1

Time: Took me less than 10 minutes

Freeze: N/A

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