Pineapple Basil Pops



I struggled to stop myself drinking this it was so delicious!!!  I did however have some left to freeze into pops.

Basil is not everyone’s thing but its mine and combined with pineapple it’s a match made in heaven.

These would be perfect served at a finger food event or at the end of a dinner party for a fun finish on a warm day.



400mls of fresh pineapple juice

fresh basil leaves to taste. I easily used a very loose ¾ – 1 cup because I LOVE basil. I suggest you do this to taste.



All you need to do is place the pineapple juice and basil into a blender and blend until they are well combined and the basil has broken down. Then place some baking cups onto a small tray and pour the pineapple and basil juice into the cups and place the tray in the freezer.

Wait until the pops have almost frozen through and/or a firm enough for you to be able to place a paddle pop stick into each then pop the sticks in the middle of each pop and allow them to freeze completely and serve.


Serves: Made 4 pops.

Time: 5 minutes of preparation. Plus freezing time.

Notes: If you have a juicer that presses, you can just pop the basil leaves into the juicer, as you juice the pineapple and it will press the basil beautifully. Otherwise simply blend the basil into the pineapple juice as the recipe explains and then even strain the mix if you don’t want any “bits”.

#Note that I had a VERY sweet pineapple so if your pineapple is not SUPER sweet your results will be different and you may need to add a little agave or pure maple syrup.

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