Who are you?

Welcome to The Kind Cook! My name is Melanie and I am a professionally trained chef from Australia who left the cooking world many years ago now. In the last few years though, I have transitioned to a plant based diet and  discovered a passion for cooking that I never had as a chef. This has since developed into an obsessive “hunger” to get in the kitchen, cook and share my food journey.


What is The Kind Cook website?

The Kind Cook website is a place for anyone who is lactose intolerant, has an egg allergy, is vegetarian,  vegan, looking for a meat free dinner, likes food, loves cooking, thinks that they can’t cook, or is just plain curious. So WELCOME. I hope that you stick around.


Why the website?

I have created this website so I have an arena to bang about food as often as I feel like. I want to help people understand more about plant based cooking and I also want to dispel some of the many myths I continue to encounter about a plant based diet.

Protein is in MOST everything

You DON’T have to like or eat tofu or soy

You CAN still eat “creamy” foods

You DON’T have to sacrifice flavour

You DON’T need to spend a fortune

You DON’T need to spend hours in the kitchen

It ISN’T hard

You absolutely CAN eat a healthy, varied, delicious diet using absolutely no animal products.

 But you are a qualified chef.

My professional training included zero content on creating plant based recipes.

In fact in all 4 years of my formal training and 10 years of industry cooking I was barely even exposed to vegetarian food  which still relies heavily on animal products. And I was exposed to no vegan cooking.

So you do not need to be a chef to produce beautiful food that you, your family and your friends will love. I know countless brilliant cooks that have had no formal cooking training and produce stunning food so..






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