Juicepresso Review

Juicepresso approached me recently to review their product and I have never used a juice presser before so I was keen to review their product for them.

The juicer arrived promptly via mail with a manual and recipes. (There are also a number of recipes online.)

The first thing that struck me was how small/compact the Juicepresso is and how light the machine is compared to some juicers! I had a little trouble putting it together but that was simply because I am a technically challenged cook land I always refuses to refer to a manual – which I had.  It was also easier to pull apart (for someone who doesn’t read manuals) and cleaning was easy too. The only section that sometimes needed a bit more elbow grease was the small feeder into the output jug. Having said that though there is a small brush provided that has a pointy end you can use to push any backlog out. Like any juicer, rinsing in hot water straight after use and washing immediately means for a much easier clean.

The feeder took some getting use to because it is quite small compared to my juicer. This just meant that I had to get use to cutting my fruit and veg smaller and feed it through a little slower. The motor cut out on a couple of occasions but that seemed to only coincide with me being clumsy and impatient and not cutting ingredients small enough and placing too many ingredients in the feeder too fast.

The output jugs both go to the front which I really liked. I liked that I could not only see the juice/milk but also the fibrous output. It gave me more of an awareness of what I wasn’t consuming and potential wastage so I found myself making chocolate truffles with the almond skins from my almond milk and throwing the fibre from my juices into vegetable burgers and soups instead of just tossing nutrient rich food in the bin as wastage. I was really impressed too with the sheer quantity of basil juice that fed into the juice jug when I was doing my Basil and Pineapple Pops.

There were recipe examples online such as juicing corn to make corn milk which I had never heard of before and  would just never have thought of doing myself so that alone was pretty exciting to a foodie like me. I have made a number of granitas in my time too but would never have thought of using some of the fruits they suggested in their recipes so in the warmer months I had a freezer full of varying flavoured ices with gorgeous colours showing through Tupperware tops. Some of the recipes don’t stipulate quantities of ingredients though which I like when first trialling a recipe but I contacted Juicepresso and they were really helpful and gave me some direction on how much of each ingredient I should be aiming at.

Over all my experience with my Juicepresso and the company was really pleasant and made for some gorgeous new recipes on the site so I am really appreciative that they gave me this opportunity.

For more info on Juicepresso:

Their website: www.juicepresso.com.au

Their recipes: resources.andatech.com.au/recipes/juicepresso/high_resolution.pdf

FB page http://facebook.com/juicepresso

Blog http://www.andatech.com.au/blog/tag/juice-recipes/ for recipe ideas.

You can also check out their YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/juicepresso for videos on the Juicepresso and its features.

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