Black Sticky Rice & Mushroom Gyozo

As with most of my recipes, they begin with something I need to use up. Today it was mushrooms.

I started out with the intention of making a mushroom soup but felt inspired to find a use for some black sticky rice I recently purchased. I also was curious to make gyozo for the 1st time.

It was so much easier than I had imagined. I hope you give it a shot.



1 packet of round dumpling skins. (You won’t need them all)

1/3 cup of black glutinous rice, rinse well then cook in plenty of boiled water until tender. (The packet didn’t have instructions in English but mine took about 30-40 minutes.)

2/3 of a cup of water chestnuts, washed, chopped into small dice

2/3 cup of spring onion, washed and finely sliced

2 large cloves of garlic, peeled and minced

1 teaspoon of minced ginger

1 small brown onion, peeled and finely diced

1/2 teaspoon of fresh red chilli, finely diced with seeds and all

1 cup of mushrooms roughly chopped into small bits. #I used field mushrooms, as that is what was in the fridge

1 teaspoon salt

oil for cooking



While your rice is cooking, heat some oil in a pan, turn down to a medium heat and cook the onion until it starts to colour, add the garlic and the ginger and continue cooking for a couple of minutes.

Add the chilli and the mushrooms and cook until the mushrooms have softened coloured and cooked right down.

Throw in the spring onions, water chestnuts and salt and cook for a another couple of minutes and set aside

Once the rice is cooked add it to the mushroom mix and stir well to combine.

Lay out your dumpling skins. Place approximately 1 teaspoon of mixture in the middle of each skin. DON’T be tempted to overfill them because you will tear the skins and/or struggle to seal them.

Wash your hands and get a small dish of cold tap water and place next to your dumpling rows. Wet your fingers with the water and dab you fingers around half the dumpling skin circle on the side furtherest away from you.

Doing 1 dumpling at a time, gently pick up the side closest to you and gently fold it over the top of the filling…folding away from you. Gently press the flat half moon side of the gyozo. Repeat this process untils all your dumpling skins are now little half moon gyozos.

Using a fork make small indentations on the flat part of the gyozo. This helps close the seal and also decorates it. As you finish your batches pop the aside on a spare bit of bench or plate and lay out your next batch.

Once all your gyozos are assembled, put a large non stick pan on the stove top and add approx a centimetres worth of water into it, along with a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and bring to the boil. Place your gyozos in batches (not touching) into the pan, flat side down and cover with a wok top.

Cook on high heat with top on for a few minutes, then remove the top and allow the water to evaporate. As the water gets lower turn the heat down to a simmer until all the water is gone. Check that your gyozo are not sticking. If they are just add a little more oil and continue cooking until almost all the water is almost gone and the bottom of your gyozo are coloured and put aside. Repeat this process in batches until all your gyozo are cooked.

You should end up with sticky, steamed tops and crunchy, coloured bottoms.

Serve immediately with soy sauce and sweet chilli sauce


Servings: Made approx 30. Maybe a couple more as I was testing them on the way 🙂

Time: Haven’t timed

Freezing: Perfect for freezing. I popped a lot in the freezer on a plate (not touching) and once frozen popped them in a sealed container for a quick dinner or snack for another day.

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