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that I am using to get my  little man to eat.

Frozen grapes  are SUCH a fun way to get kids to eat fruit.Wash
Serve>>>Instant natures fruit pop
Some of my favourite times as a mum are when H responds to my offer of cooking with “Mummy”. Its a wonderful way to spend time with your children.  Making dishes that are safe and fun for children to participate in is a great form of play and  they learn so much.
PicMonkey Collagescones
Juicing is how Superman gets his super powers!!….. Well that’s’ what I have been telling H. He REFUSES to eat vegetables BUT we are having some wins with juicing………………… He helps select the ingredients, pops them in the juice…r & then we put his juice in a “special” cup with a “special straw”
Last night was a KALE, apple & strawberry juice.
…TODAY…WAS an orange, CARROT, apple, PUMPKIN, & berry juice.

 I had another air punching moment with juicing today! Managed to get my little guy to have SPINACH.
He LOVES apples so we made apple juice & talked about adding oranges <<&>> then…. went out to the veggie patch…. picked a WAD of spinach and popped that in too.
Funky cup, funky straw and down went the greens.

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