I just had to write a message to tell you how yummy your recipes are. We have made the pancakes, apricot balls, mango & nutmeg cheesecake, not butter chicken and the Mexican, rice and bean soup. Your recipes are so easy to make and taste amazing. The not butter chicken was a big hit with my 8 month old. Thanks for sharing them – Rebecca Corn

Thank you for sharing all these precious recipes! They are gold.  – Priya

Going to plan a dinner with my friends with no excuse other than I WANT TO EAT ALL YOUR FOOD!! Thanks for all the constant energy you put in to not just your website but this page also, constant source of inspiration xxx – Monique Drew

Just discovered your website tonight, and I am absolutely SMITTEN! Such a variety of different foods, flavours, textures and general YUMNESS! There’s really something for everyone and all the things that excite and inspire me about vegan cooking. I can’t wait to try out lots of your recipes for my vegan/veg and omni friends alike!!! – Gemma Burgess

Your recipes are fabulous! Tried and loved loved loved! Debby DeHoogd

I made your not butter chicken and peanut butter chocolate mousse last night for my nephew and his girlfriend and both of them said the not butter chicken was WAY better than the REAL butter chicken they had the other night at a local Indian restaurant which is probably the best Indian restaurant in the Knox area  It’s a winner!! Tammy  xxoo

Just made Pad Thai using your recipe. Was SENSATIONAL! The whole family inhaled it!! Thank you – Karolina

I have just become a vegan and I loved this recipe! I would be lost without the kind cook web site. Thank you ! Donna McNeill

Made the Kind Cooks Choc custard balls and apricot balls to take to an afternoon tea today. The food was devoured and loved by all. The white choc balls are really worth making if you want to impress! – Lizzie

Cherry Chocolate truffles – what a hit! They were just beautiful. – Jas Deep

Just wanted to let you know that Beetroot Falafels and Thai Chili Coconut and Mint Salad are a HIT tonight in my house!! Thanks again for your awesome recipes!!!! – Anne Crawley

I made your gingerbread today and it was the best I and all my friends have EVER had!!! Just beautiful Have 3 more lots sitting in the fridge ready for baking!!! – Alison Etheridge

Just made your cheesy sauce in preparation for the potato skins i am road testing for Wednesday. Can I just say how easy it was? I stressed with this for no other reason other than I have made some white sauces in the past that are such hard work and usually stuff up, but your method is easy and fool proof…. I LOVE YOU – Mary Vee

One of the best things about Mel from The kind cook is that if I have a question about the recipe I can post the question and she actually answers…. You don’t get that with cook books. Thank you Mel, this recipe knocked the socks off some friends of mine… I have made another batch and going to spread some Christmas cheer by giving it to the neighbors. – Taylor Theggie

Made your Tandoori Tofu Risotto tonight. I have minimal cooking talents. But this was brilliant !!! – Kim Foster

Three cheers for your caramelised onion & parsnip soup! Divine – Danielle Cargill

Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE all your recipes! I’ve never followed one and felt that it was ‘meh’ – it’s always more like ‘oh yum!’ then proceeds down the path of the famous scene from When Harry Met Sally. Enough said. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful food with us x – Karolina

I just made your Cashew, Coriander and Cauliflower soup and what a treat! It is delicious and probably at the top of my favorite soups. Thank you for sharing your gift. – Vasthi Cheddar

Hi..just wanted to say how much I love your recipes and web page. Today I made your spicy cauliflower and lentil soup but used almond milk instead of rice milk and it was absolutely divine!!!! Thanks again…you have inspired me to cook even more. Especially since I’m trying to go vegan where I can. – Anne Crowley

Your chocolate peanut butter shards went down a treat with the family on Xmas eve, served with Frangelico coffee! Yum yum! – Christa McCarthy

Toffee Sweet Potato – another huge hit on Christmas Day. Thanks! – Kate Larson

Thank you so much Melanie for your site!! I was getting disappointed with the lack of decent, do-able, yummy recipes and was starting to slip back into vegetarian. I can’t wait to make these now and can’t choose where to start!!! – Handbagz N Gladragz

Hi there just wanted to say a big thank you when you do a recipe you always put down where you get the ingredients and it’s so helpful thanks again!!! Loving your blog! – Sarah Coogans

Hey there..I have just finished cooking your new recipe for pancakes and I wanted to say WOW!!! They are AMAZING!! I was a bit worried they wouldn’t rise but they did beautifully..and the best bit is my very fussy 16yo son LOVED them, even with tofutti ice cream….he he..Our little secret!!! Thanks for your awesome recipes!!! – Anne Crowley

Just wanted to say THANK YOU. I’m using a bunch of your smoothie and soup recipes to get me through my wisdom teeth removal (I had four out yesterday). I am NOT keen on just eating ice cream and canned soup for a week or two. I wanted something nutritious, yet healthy. Your recipes fit perfectly. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! – Melissa Redman-Ascough

You are a beautiful, talented person who inspires me with every post xx – Miriam E

Hardest part about cherry ripe truffles is not eating them all before I finish making them! -Justine Indigo-Rose

Just got my sister onto The Kind Cook website and she is in love with it! (She’s not on FB) She is marveling at how simple and easy the recipes are. We are having a big vegan xmas together this year, and will be using The Kind Cook recipes to amaze everyone with our vegan spread. – Lizzie

My children and I just spent 5 minutes scrolling though your wonderful page. They were delighted with the fruit carvings and there were many oohs and aahs looking at your gorgeous food pictures! They are now very excited about cooking some yummy vegan desserts this week, and I just wanted to say thank you. You make veganism even more beautiful. =) – Ros Kercher

I have been following your blog for all of one week, but am quickly thinking you are awesome. Great recipes and pictures. Keep going. – Daniel Pastorelle

Made the Baked Jaffa Cheesecake last night, to die for! – Julie Jordon

EVERYTHING YOU POST LOOKS SO AWESOME & DELICIOUS!! NO IDEA HOW YOU FIND THE IMAGINATION/TIME/ENERGY/$ & PASSION, but great work!! Hope I can try to make something of yours soon, thank you for sharing & all your hard work & being kind & leaving the animals out of it!! – Princess Georgie

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