Caramelized Peaches

Food just doesn’t have to be hard. Quick, easy, cheap and yum dessert idea. I had an urge to caramelise some peaches but they aren’t in season, so I just grabbed a can from the supermarket last night and they were just lovely. I gave them a go on the BBQ first but I achieved a much deeper colour and caramel cooking them in a pan on the stove top.



Some canned peach halves in syrup

#optional – some coconut/ soy yoghurt or ice-cream



Heat a little oil in a non stick pan. Using a slotted spoon or tongs, gently remove a few peach halves from the can and place in the pan. You don’t want a ton of juices in the pan because they will stew instead of grill. Don’t over fill the pan either. Heat the peaches until they become a lovely charred look and the sugars from the fruit and syrup caramelise.

That’s it!

Serve with coconut yogurt or coconut or soy ice cream. I get my coconut yoghurt from my local organic grocer. It’s a brand called COYO.


Serves: Makes as much as you want.


Time: I didn’t time this but it’s a quick recipe

Freezing: Not suitable.

Note: If you can get fresh peaches, just brush them with some pure maple syrup and them cook them J




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