Not Egg…Nog

I was first introduced to egg nog when I lived in Canada many years ago and I loved it. So when thinking about Xmas recipes this year, I was determined to create a dairy and egg free nog.

I researched how people were doing it and found some used avocados, some bananas, or vanilla pudding mix and also tofu. My first shot at it I tried using silken tofu to mimic the thickness, but I ended up with a really earthy flavour. Second time I simply made custard and added maple syrup to sweeten it. It was lovely, simple and I am thrilled!

Next time I am going to make it with a non gluten free custard powder though and may even use a little more so it’s slightly thicker but I tell you…I drank my weight in this yesterday at our xmas lunch.


4 tablespoons of custard powder. (I used Orgran gluten free Custard Powder which I get from the health food shop. I simply followed the instructions on the packet)

1 litre of Bonsoy. (Bonsoy is available most anywhere these days. The price varies drastically though so shop around. The cheapest I have found it to date is at my local organic grocer where if you buy a slab of 6 they work out to $4 each.)

1 vanilla bean, split lengthways and seeds removed. Don’t stress if you don’t’ have a vanilla bean. It just makes the nog a little more special.

1/4 cup of maple syrup (or sugar, or agave, or brown rice syrup)

2 shots of brandy

2 shots of rum

cinnamon & nutmeg to taste



Make the custard as per the packet, using the 4 tablespoons of custard and the litre of Bonsoy.

Then whisk in the rest of your ingredients. Allow the mixture to cool, then refrigerate.

When you serve  the cooled nog dust it with some cinnamon sugar.

# If you want it to also be soy free just use a different plant milk 🙂



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