Orange & Almond Hot Chocolate

It was overcast outside today and I was feeling rather glum and felt like chocolate. I love the combination of orange and chocolate too, so this is something I have had on my mind to try out for a while and it seemed like the perfect day to give it a go.

Whenever you have a recipe idea that you have never made before you worry it’s not going to work or live up to the picture you have in your head. I was worried the orange was not going to be strong enough or way too strong but it worked out PERFECTLY and with next to no effort and no need to do a few trial runs. The result was just as I had hoped… rich, sweet, generously scented with orange and really decadent tasting.

This will now be a family treat in our house on a cold day or when someone feels down and needs that warming feel of homemade hot chocolate.



1 cup of almond milk (found pretty much everywhere these day. I buy Australia’s Own organic almond milk or make your own. See my Almond Milk Recipe)

1 large orange

1 tablespoon of pure cocoa

1/2 to 3/4 of a tablespoon of pure maple syrup or agave (if you dont’ have maple syrup or agave just use sugar)



Slice the rind from the orange then very carefully remove all the white pith from the rind.

Put the almond milk in a small pot with the orange rind and **slowly** bring to the boil. This is important because you want to give the oils in the orange peel time to impart their flavour into the milk.

Add the drinking chocolate and the agave and whisk till combined. Turn off the heat. Remove the orange rind.

Pour into your favourite mug and serve.


Servings: Serves 1.

Time: Took me less than 10 minutes to make.

Freezing: Not suitable

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