Pine Apple & Lime Juice


Make a big batch of this and fill a jug with loads of mint and some slices of lime and offer it the kids instead of cordial.

Or skip the toast and enjoy this for breakfast.



1 cup of fresh, chopped pineapple

1 very large granny smith apple, roughly chopped

1 juicy lime, skin removed

#optional fresh ginger to taste

1 handful of fresh mint



Put the pineapple, apple, lime & fresh ginger if you are using it through your juicer.

Half fill a tall glass with ice, add the mint and pour the mixed juices over the top.


Yields: 1 serve

Time: 5 minutes

Notes: Refrigerate your fruits until they are nicely chilled before you juice them.

Kiwi, Pear & Mint Frappe

This was great for breakfast but would also be gorgeous on a hot summer’s day or served at a party (maybe with a splash of vodka).

Like most people I fall into the trap of eating the same things every day. These days though I make a concerted effort to use ingredients I either don’t like and/or never use. Kiwi fruit falls into both those categories so I grabbed half a dozen the other day at the grocer. Now after experimenting by adding them to some other much loved flavours, I have created a drink that I really enjoyed, will make for others and drink again.

The best bit about this though is it’s fat free and full of Vitamin C.



4 kiwi fruit, peeled

1 large pear

I lime

10 cubes of ice

½ cup of fresh mint leaves, washed

# optional 1 tablespoon of pure maple syrup



Juice the kiwi, lime and pear in a juicer.

Place the juice, mint, ice cubes and maple syrup (if you are using maple syrup) in a blender and blend until all are combined and the ice has broken up.



Serves: Serves 1- 2

Time: Takes about 10 minutes to make.

Freezing: Not suitable.

Note:  To add another dimension to this, make some ice cubes with coconut water and use those instead of plain ice cubes.

Dragonfruit, Nashi Pear & Ginger Juice



I am pushing myself top regularly try new foods. Today it was dragon fruit. I was lucky enough to get a stunning ruby red dragon fruit. Such an exotic looking fruit, it tastes a little like a pear but its the colour that impresses me most. Absolutely beautiful.



1 dragon fruit

1 nashi pear

1 apple

2 soaked dates

½ teaspoon ginger



Cut the dragon fruit in half lengthways and remove the peel.

Juice the dragon fruit, pear and the apple.

Blend the dates and ginger through the juice.


Servings: 1

Time: 5 minutes

Freezing: Not suitable for freezing

Notes: This is gorgeous with lime juice too. It gives the juice a lovely lift.

Orange Juice & Co

Lately I have been eating a lot of the same coloured foods~ bread, cereal, bread!

I got up this morning and JUST NEEDED FRUIT and colour.



1 small pear

1 small apple

1 cup of fresh pineapple

1 small orange, peel removed

1 lemon, peel removed

1 lime, peel removed

2 very large carrots, skin left on

1/4 teaspoon ginger (I would normally use fresh but only had minced this morning)



Roughly chop all the ingredients and throw through your juicer. Stir in the ginger if minced.



Servings: 1

Time: 10 minutes

Freezing: Haven’t tried freezing this one.

Summer in a Glass


the flesh of 1 mango

1 cup of fresh pineapple

1 large orange

1 fresh lime

1/4 teaspoon fresh ginger, minced

handful of ice



Juice all the fruit. Mix through the ginger.

Pour into a glass.

Add ice.

Sit in the shade on a hot day, listen to the birds and watch the butterflies!


Servings:  1

Time: 5 minutes

Freezing: Best to drink straight away